Gmaj Center
Gmaj Center conference of Dan Balter and Ezequiel Singer

A large crowd attended the entrepreneurial conference of Gemach Achdut

The Achdut Gemach in order to give tools to the yehudim so that they can generate a better sustenance, oriented to the new technologies, which are a fundamental tool for undertaking and developing projects in the world today brought to Argentina Mr. Dan Balter, vice president and founder Of StarTau, Israel's largest entrepreneurship center and one of the top 25 in the world, together with Mr. Ezequiel Singer, manager at Google California. The packed halls opened the mega entrepreneurial conference, the first in the history of the community. The conference began with Ezequiel Singer who shared all the technology innovation of the computer giant. Then, Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer addressed a few words to the audience, highlighting the importance of Achdut Gemach and its concern in helping the yehudim in Argentina.

After a break, Mr. Balter shared his experience as an entrepreneur, his tips and anecdotes, and told what helped him when he was only 22 years old to sell his company to a group of investors for 15 million dollars.

Dan Balter is a keynote speaker with extensive knowledge of the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem and education in innovation. StarTau is a non-profit organization that assists business men and entrepreneurs from different fields such as: Internet companies, biotechnology development, mobile applications, low technology companies, patent licenses, among others.

In addition, Balter is co-founder and board member of “Hype-Foundation”, an organization which seeks to "challenge, empower and develop the next generation of visionaries in the world," enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit and methodology on how to conduct business, to generate social impact and to foster the desire to innovate among young people.

The Gemach Achdut is a NGO that grants loans without interest and helps to undertake entrepreneurships, based on the teachings of the famous Maimonides, the Rambam, about the eight levels of tzedaka (charity):
The highest level, above which there is no greater one, is to help a yehudi by granting him a loan, or entering into partnership with him, or by finding him a job, in order to strengthen his hand until he no longer needs to depend on others.

Testimonies:We would like to thank all those who work and collaborate with the Gmaj. We would also like to emphasize the high level of civility and reserve of our staff. All proceedings are conducted in a kind and motivated way. The masejet Pea (Perek Alef) states that Gemilut Hasadim constitutes one of the precepts thanks to which the human being is allowed to benefit from the fruits of this world, while the capital is reserved for the Future World.
May Hashem will to Multiply his Berajot to all of you.