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The sages claim that the value of Tzdaka is equal to all the other commandments combined.

A Tzadik is a just person, and the meaning of the word Tzedaka is to do justice. Helping the needy has a special name, to do Tzedaka. This is not considered by Judaism as charity, but as an ethical obligation.

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Testimonies:We would like to thank all those who work and collaborate with the Gmaj. We would also like to emphasize the high level of civility and reserve of our staff. All proceedings are conducted in a kind and motivated way. The masejet Pea (Perek Alef) states that Gemilut Hasadim constitutes one of the precepts thanks to which the human being is allowed to benefit from the fruits of this world, while the capital is reserved for the Future World.
May Hashem will to Multiply his Berajot to all of you.