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Gemach Center and “Mercado Libre”, a unique agreement

Gemach Center and “Mercado Libre”, a unique agreement

Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer, Mr. Tomas Saig, President of Amia, Mr. Guillermo Borger, former President of AMIA, Mr. Federico Weil, President of TGLT, and other authorities held the official opening and welcomed the 32 religious entrepreneurs who were elected to be part of this “Aprendiendo a Emprender” (Learning how to be an entrepreneur) program.

At the offices of “Mercado Libre”, it was exciting to hear the words of the speakers when they encouraged the entrepreneurs each one of them in their own way to implement the best of the technology in order to improve the tools available to them while undertaking their projects.
It is the first time in Argentina that an agreement of these characteristics is being developed.

There will be 6 meetings, and in the end, winners will be chosen among the entrepreneurs, who will then receive important prizes from “Mercado Libre”, together with financial capital and advice from Achdut Gemach.

The Rambam defines eight levels of tzedaka:
The highest level, above which there is no greater one, is to help a yehudi by giving him a loan, or by finding him a job, in order to strengthen his hand until he no longer needs to depend on others. This is what we do in Achdut Gemach every day.

Testimonies:We would like to thank all those who work and collaborate with the Gmaj. We would also like to emphasize the high level of civility and reserve of our staff. All proceedings are conducted in a kind and motivated way. The masejet Pea (Perek Alef) states that Gemilut Hasadim constitutes one of the precepts thanks to which the human being is allowed to benefit from the fruits of this world, while the capital is reserved for the Future World.
May Hashem will to Multiply his Berajot to all of you.